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stop casting porosity, cheese

this is what happens when i'm left unsupervised

a box of kellogg"s honey smacks

While my wife's away, i get to satisfy my vulgar unhealthful urges.  I rode to Safeway this morning just for this.

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That's funny... I do the same thing.
Last night was a strawberry Pop Tart For Dinner kind of night.

Honey Smacks... mmmmmmrrrrmmlllrrmmmmmm... man that looks tasty.

I guess the next question is: Will you eat the entire box contents to hide your shame?

It's a good source of Vitamin D and Shame.

I have not looked at a box of that shit in decades, but there used to be regulations against labeling boxes of alleged food with non-ingredients of that alleged food. I cannot but believe there is even less (if any) honey in it than there was cane sugar back when it was called Sugar Smacks.

Of course, if there were any truth whatsoever in their advertising, they would not be able to label it anything more than Corn Smacks. Unless they've found a way to indetectably lace it with heroin, in which case I guess it could be labeled Smack Smacks.


Honey's 4th on the ingredient list. And it's wheat, not corn (although teh wikis inform me that "In Norway and Finland, it is known as "Honni Korn Smacks").

Of course, it went from Sugar Smacks to Honey Smacks to just Smacks and then back to Honey Smacks for some reason.

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"corn" doesn't necessarily mean "maize" in Europe. It can mean "wheat".

But I'll bet the primary sweetener in Honey Smacks isn't High Fructose Wheat Syrup.

It says "sugar" and "dextrose".

I used to love Cookie Crisp.

unhealthful!? But, Vitamin D! That's health!

I trust that what you rode is a palanquin, specifically one built by threading poles through purpose-drilled holes in your couch so you wouldn't have to stand up or let the same servants who wipe your ass touch your arms. Because riding the bus is nasty, riding a motorcycle is dangerous, and riding a bicycle is unhealthy.

Dear anonymous employee at the Nat'l Institute of Standards and Technology: please let me know what the standards for robotic palanquins are.

They're stuck on how to test the requirement that the robot feel humiliated and degraded. Anyhow, that's not my division, but if you need more points of ridicule for how you eat your Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs, let me know.

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