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that's when i reach for my paypal account

album cover to 'Signals, Calls, and Marches' by Mission of BurmaAccording to iTunes, i have as much music from the 1990s as i do from the 2000s, and about 40% of that quantity from the 1980s.  The trend for the 2010s so far approaches the 1980s in quantity, which is a little surprising.  I guess that's just getting old, new music sucks, etc.  The latest CD cull yielded a whopping $16.25 in store credit at Rasputin, which i used to pick up:

    • Mission of Burma - Signals, Calls, and Marches
    • The New Pornographers - Mass Romantic
    • Nine Inch Nails - With Teeth
    • Rush - A Farewell to Kings
I reacquired AFtK 20 years (almost to the day) after i sold it (and other CDs) for bus fare while trying to get my act together in Seattle.  Back then, i was so broke that i only had enough for bus fare, and had to beg a buck off a coworker to get a crappy burger at McDonald's for lunch one day.  I vetted the other three albums by listening to them first on Spotify.  This will really cut into the amount of disappointing albums i've gotten based on one or two tracks, or from listening to short samples.  However, none of the above belong to the 2010s, so there's still work to do, albums to buy, et cetera.

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