rone (ronebofh) wrote,

a portal from upstate new york to the beating heart of germany

Some test we were running at work today involved the ZIP code 12345.  So i threw it into Google Maps and it gave me Schenectady, NY:

map of Schenectady, NY, near I-890 and NY-337

"I wonder what's under the pin," i said to myself.  I clicked the zoom button once and saw:

"... Berlin?  I wonder what that is."  I clicked on that and...

So, yeah, it's a magical place.  I suspect that Google Maps is looking through a window into an alternate dimension where the Nazis won and own Rotterdam:

Further digging shows the actual Berlin address's Street View as an empty storefront for lease, and the gym's domain name is now for sale; the Schenectady location shows a tree.  It will have to remain a mystery.

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