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mein führer! i can walk!

I can stand from a sitting position with moderate effort, as long as I'm not too low (for example, our toilet is very low, so i have to use a riser), and I can walk around using a walker although either Kim or David will follow me around in case I stumble because I am not quite there yet. But I think I'll be there soon.

I've been doing water therapy, which has been great, in addition to my physical and occupational therapy. I have also been undergoing acupuncture, which I'm not yet sold on, but a lot of people have commented on how much more expressive my face is, so that is encouraging.

My hands are still numb, stiff, and weak, so that is the slowest and the most frustrating part of my recovery at this point. Regardless, I am now helping out at home by folding laundry.

Tags: guillain-barré syndrome
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