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my final update to livejournal

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[hoarse stage whisper] Come to One Post Wonder!
I am on DW with the same username, FWIW [I don't currently cross-post from here to there, though]
I think that's a direct consequence of the move to Russia; encryption is all but illegal there. My company had to build a special version of our product with all encryption removed in order to sell it in Russia. And that wasn't due to ITAR, that was an internal requirement from the Russian government.
I think I will be following, when I get a moment.
LJ flagged this as spam. Classy!

Dreamwidth will do until i set up my own thing. At least the migration was painless.
When I can be fucked to bother, I can still work up a righteous head of anger at what happened to LJ. SixApart clearly had no idea what the hell to do with them, and at several key moments when even a tiny infusion of management+engineering talent could have turned it into a world-beater, they shrugged their shoulders and let facebook crush them like bugs.

Oh well, so it goes.