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grandprixfeed: Friday Photos

Chinese GP - Friday Photos

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grandprixfeed: Practice 3 Results

Chinese GP - Practice 3 Results

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truehoop: Momentum is a myth

Tom Haberstroh reveals why history says the slumping Indiana Pacers are a sleeping giant.

Sat, Apr. 19th, 2014, 02:11 am
languagelog: Funky Mind Shoes

Michael Johnson took this picture in Hong Kong between Queen's Road Central and the escalators:


What??? Even when you read the Chinese, it doesn't immediately help appreciably to understand this MIND-boggling sign.


Fan1 Gei3
zing1 daa2 Zung1-Sai1 haai4-zoeng2

Expert repair of Chinese and Western shoe heels


Fan1 Gei3 芬記 (lit., "fragrant mark / sign / brand") is just the name of this shop, though it doesn't seem to fit the cobbler business particularly well. I note, however, that it appears to be a favorite of small establishments in the Hong Kong-Macao area.

The first character on the right side of the sign is probably 精, though not clearly written. It means "proficient; skilled; fine; refined", etc.

The last two characters on the left side are haai4-zoeng2 鞋掌. Normally that would mean "shoe heel; heelpiece; heeltap", and this shop undoubtedly specializes in fixing heels, but may also work on soles, etc.

Now comes the big question: what in the world does "mind shoes" mean? Shoes for the mind? A couple of my correspondents who are native speakers of Hong Kong Cantonese and Hong Kong English thought that it might signify "attend to" or "take care of", hence "mind your shoes". Having spent a lot of time in Hong Kong, the first thing that crossed my mind, so to speak, was "mind the gap" (where "mind" means "pay attention to"), which is printed on the floor at the entrances to subway and train cars. (In Philadelphia, the train stations have "watch the gap" instead.) But that doesn't really make sense in this context.

Finally, when I wasn't even thinking about the problem, it came to me all of a sudden: "mind" = "mend"! This Fun Kee shop mends shoes.

[Thanks to Stephan Stiller, Abraham Chan, and Mandy Chan]

Fri, Apr. 18th, 2014, 06:22 pm
idefix_koos: Another ISS pass and I was already aware the orbit may be changing a bit since g...

Another ISS pass and I was already aware the orbit may be changing a bit since gpredict and hamsatdroid were disagreeing on the time of the pass.

And indeed, the ISS pass started around the later time from gpredict. I heard the AFSK data clearly. The signal from the ISS is strong enough that I can receive it most of the pass with the arrow antenna just pointing directly up. Maybe I can use this to record an entire pass and decode the AFSK data.

I guess (used by gpredict by default) is better up to date than (first option in hamsatdroid). Since hamsatdroid can also use the data I switched to this source. The fun part is that satellite names aren't the same. 'SO-50' according to amsat is 'SAUDISAT 1C (SO-50)' according to celestrak.

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truehoop: Predict: Nets-Raptors and Blazers-Rockets

We want to see what TrueHoop readers predict will happen in two series: Nets-Raptors and Blazers-Rockets.

We’re looking for your best, most accurate opinion about each series.

You can vote here: Nets-Raptors | Blazers-Rockets

We will publish the results at TrueHoop next week.

Thank you.

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