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un eternizador de dioses del ocaso

un servidor de pasado en copa nueva

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Sometimes i write, and sometimes i fall through the rabbit hole.

not a damn blog

You've heard of the jack of all trades?  I'm more of an eight... i have a knack of learning just enough about everything to lead me to talk about it, but not enough for it to be (or make me) useful.

I believe in the siblinghood of all humans.  It is my only faith.

I have a singular devotion, and that is my wife, Kimberly.
 If you're even thinking of asking me for permission to "friend" me, you have problems.  Just do it.  Or don't.  "Friend" is a canard.  And you don't have to introduce yourself.  If you want me to get to know you, comment on my gibbering.

Don't ask if you may link to something i wrote.  If it's public, you don't need my permission.  If it's locked, you'll never get it.

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